Apparel with a purpose.

The Reason

Apparel with a purpose.

Two southern mamas/military spouses sharing their love for comfy tees and making a difference! Our goal was to establish a brand dedicated to being purposeful while bringing about awareness on a topic near and dear.

While standing on a playground, Mason Chix Co-Founder Brittany Boccher witnessed the hardships faced by children with physical disabilities and delays. She looked at her own son, who was diagnosed with Down Syndrome, and realized that he didn’t have the opportunity to experience the same outdoor play/interaction as other children. Wanting to help, she and her business partner, Robyn Krug, created Mason Chix-Apparel with a Purpose.  The goal was to dedicate a portion of the sales to providing inclusive swings to playgrounds across the United States. What began as a simple idea has evolved into the ability to purchase five-point harness therapeutic swings. The swings create inclusive play opportunities for children of all abilities across the United States.

Spread the love and the PURPOSE!

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